Latino Debit Card

  Una Cundina Segura para ayudar a nuestra gente
Sorteo Semanal is something new it similar to a Lottery something many people well benefit from something not  used in the American Culture very much  but very beneficial in Hispanic culture a different way to help hundreds of people in other words it can be considered the closest thing to a Lottery but it is private sector and only for members the idea of this Site is to benefit low income people the very people
that struggle day by day with high cost of living when they join our membership organization they get a membership discount card that will  save them hundreds thousands of dollars during there subscription.our members will be charged only
$10 a month which will be pooled  together and 80% of all the proceeds will be divided among the members first to sign up well be the first in order to collect there subscriptions fee back of up to $120 a year or what every comes first they get all back what they Put in. in one lump sum in one lump sum in addition we created a Mas list of community businesses honoring the best service and the highest discounts two authorized member we intend to promote many small and big businesses mom and pops stores authorized auto dealers mechanical shop, auto insurance co,specially picked grocery stores, wedding banquette halls, and any thing that relates to party's emergency payday loans Real estate discounts from Los Angeles to Colorado
To Start saving big money today send your $10 for the 1st mo registration card today get in to be among the first to collect on the list 1st come 1st serve list. to get the first subscription rebates payments back pay by pay pal, money orders, or checks payable to Sorteo Semanal L.L.C at 1165 S. Norfolk St    Aurora Co 80017

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